Pool Noodles, not just for kids in the pool!

Everyone that has a pool or has been around a pool has probably seen the long foam noodles used by kids and adults for playing and floating in the pool. But I bet you don't know all the uses for these amazing pool toys. Most of the noodles we sell are in cases, bulk pool noodles to companies. Just a few examples we have sold noodles for are Oyster Platform floats, River Barge Bumpers in Europe, Handrail Covers during construction for some of the largest Airplane manufacturers in the world. We have sold the to Fishing Lure manufacturers, and one of the most widely used applications are for the National Child Seat Safety Programs where they are cut and used by fire departments to keep Child Safety Seats installed properly in cars. In this blog I am going to list and describe some fun and different ways and ideas to use water noodles.