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swimming pool excess door Alarm Poolguard Door Alarm This swimming pool excess door Alarm mounts next to any door which gives easy access to your swimming pool. Any door which allows young children easy and quick access to a pool area is dangerous and should have a door alarm. The Poolguard Door Alarm comes with two magnetic switches, hookup wire and operates on one 9-volt battery. The Door Alarm has a delay switch which allows an adult to pass through the door without the alarm sounding. When a child opens the door, the alarm will sound in seven seconds and continue to sound; the alarm will sound even if the child should go through and close the door. If for any reason the door is accidentally left open, the alarm will sound. POOLGUARD DOOR ALARM MODEL DAPT-2 The POOLGUARD DOOR ALARM meets the requirements of all building codes in the United States. The POOLGUARD DOOR ALARM was designed specifically to meet the needs of the new barrier code requirements. The DOOR ALARM features are listed below: The DOOR ALARM is UL listed, UL #2017. The alarm sounds if a child goes through the door — even if he closes the door behind him. The alarm is always on and always automatically resets under all conditions. There is no on/off switch. The DOOR ALARM is designed to fit any type door or window and comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. The DOOR ALARM can be adapted to alarm the door and the screen door, if present. The color of the alarm is white to match any household decor — indoor use only. If a child opens the door, the alarm will sound in 7 seconds and will continue to sound until someone comes to the door. The alarm has a delay switch for adults to exit and enter without the alarm sounding. The horn is 98 dB at 10 feet. The horn sound is different than others in house alarms. The DOOR ALARM has a low battery indicator. The DOOR ALARM uses one 9-volt battery — battery life is approximately one year. The DOOR ALARM has a one year warranty and repair. UL Approved Important Safety Feature Complies With Building Codes Simple To Operate Automatic Reset Battery Powered Easy To Install Affordable Price Pass Through Feature For Adults Low Battery Indicator click here for more info
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