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Inflatable arm bands, help children learn to swim and become more comfortable in the water.

Water wings that are easy to put on and take off. Swimmies for toddlers and kids help to keep your child's face out of the water. Favorite of kids and parents Dual chamber arm floats with safety valve for enhanced security. Only BLUE in stock

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blue Swimways water wings

The blue Swimways water wings bring back memories of childhood and wearing water wings learning how to swim. It's easy and fun to blow them up and they will help a youngster out who is learning to swim. I like the color blue they are in, too. Would recommend them.

blue Swimways water wings

The blue water wings bring back lots of memories of learning how to swim when I was a kid. They are fun to blow up and play with, and the color is very pretty. Kids will enjoy learning to swim with them.