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This floatation swim suit will not absorb water, and will not deflate. The My Pool Pal Swimwear is very comfortable and does not restrict movement. Floating swimwear allows parents or guardians to relax. My Pool Pal floating swim suit are designed to help children learn to swim and become better swimmers. Prints will vary between swimsuit styles such as Friendly Frogs, Happy Gators, Bright Sharks, Bass Boat, Surf Woody. You may request a style in the comments section when you check out. My Pool Pal Flotation Swimsuits are designed with foam inserts balanced between the front and back of the suits so children can remain stable and gain confidence in the water. Unlike other flotation swimsuits, My Pool Pal foam inserts cannot be removed by curious young swimmers. The suits provide many advantages for swimmers and their

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Great function,

We bought our first floatation suit ever for our 4th son. We were going to be around a pool at a busy resort, and wanted to have a little more piece of mind. It was great! Our two year old learned to keep himself upright, float on his back and tummy within the first day. He was navigating all over the pool with us and his 3 brothers within two days! My only complaint is how quickly the fabric loses its stretch and how easily it is snagged. The entire inside of the pool we swam in was non-snagging tile, but the little contact the suit had with cement left it snagged. After only 6 days of swimming all day, the suit seems well-worn. I doubt it will last much longer, despite rinsing it in fresh water after each day at the pool. I do not regret buying this because by the end of our trip we let our 2 year old swim with out the suit and he was kicking and paddling around. Not at all water-safe, as he could not lift his head for a breath while swimming, but a lot of improvement for only 6 days!