Special Needs disposable swim-sters Swim Diapers are great for the pool. Comes in White. These swim diapers are made of polyester with a polymer coating. The fabric contains no latex. Research indicates that Swim-sters swim diapers undergarments significantly reduce the chance of deadly bacteria being released in the water by infants and toddlers. Single Pack (One "1" Diaper for price listed below.) XSmall-6/8 Waist-17"-24" Leg-11"-17" Weight-40-58Lbs.
Small-8/10 Waist-18"-27" Leg-12"-18" Weight-59-74Lbs.
Medium-10/12 Waist-20"-30" Leg-13"-19" Weight-75-89Lbs.
Large-14/16 Waist-21"-32" Leg-14"-20" Weight-90-118Lbs.
XLarge-18/20 Waist-22"-34" Leg-15"21" Weight-119-141Lbs.
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